Some new faces at Campus Archaeology

Although it has taken a while for them to get up, we wanted to introduce our three new interns for the fall semester: Jeff Gepper, Jen Allen, and David Lewandowski. All three are undergraduate students at MSU, and each offers a unique skill set that we are putting to use this semester. Jeff is learning about GIS mapping, and will be putting together a site map of West Circle Drive. Jen is a double History/Anthropology Major, and has been working on getting ready for the demolition of Morrill Hall. David has experience working in public archaeology, and has been diligently working on putting together historical data about College Hall, which he will be turning into a final report about that project. Please click on these links to see their introductory blog posts over at the Intern Blog. Make sure to ask them some good, tough questions!!

We also have a professorial assistant this semester, named Patricia Cashen. An Anthropology Major, Patricia is working on developing an ethnohistory of the early college from a student perspective, particularly their descriptions of daily life and their interactions with the landscape.

Lastly, two graduate students are working on special projects this year. Joann Wallace, a first year graduate student, is working on developing a model for prehistoric sites at Michigan State University. Grace Krause, another first year graduate student, will be working on a project relating to food consumption at the early college.

Welcome to the new students working with Campus Archaeology!!

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