The Campus Archaeology Program is committed to community engagement. Our primary focus is on the MSU community, educating them about their cultural heritage, and how archaeology can be used to discover a community’s past. In doing so, we hope to encourage a greater respect for the campus space, reflecting the University’s commitment to good stewardship to the campus and its environment.

We use many forms of engagement. One approach is through digital social media, including social networking sites such as InstagramTwitter, Facebook, YouTube, Sketchfab, and Flickr. We also provide lectures to campus classes and community groups, engage in collaborative research opportunities with other campus units, and do our best to educate the public during site visits out in the field.

Our primary mode of engagement, however, is with the people who work in Infrastructure, Planning and Facilities. This is a large community at Michigan State, who are rarely seen, yet who play a critical role in the shaping of our University culture. We hope to continue to work with them to make sure that the advancements that are necessary for the future pay homage and respect to the past, and that through our partnership, we will be able to foster a greater respect for the work that they do at our University.

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