Happy October! We hope everyone is doing well and is staying safe!

Things are definitely looking a little different here this fall, as MSU has made the decision to stay remote for the entire semester. As our director, Dr. Camp, mentioned in her blog post titled Campus Archaeology In the Time of COVID-19, CAP has had to adapt quickly to a new world where it is not safe to go out in the field or to hold many of our usual events. While this introduces many new challenges, we are extremely lucky that all our CAP fellows are working hard to upload digital content so we can stay active with community outreach!

So, for the first of many new digital events this academic year, we are pleased to introduce:

Our new Virtual Haunted Campus Tour: Available now!

This photograph shows students clearing the land around Saints' Rest. The text on the back of the photograph reads: "Built 1857. Burned 1876." Image courtesy of MSU Archives and Historical Collections.
This photograph shows students clearing the land around Saints’ Rest. The text on the back of the photograph reads: “Built 1857. Burned 1876.” Image courtesy of MSU Archives and Historical Collections.

This year our Apparitions and Archaeology Tour is hosted on Twine – a user-friendly and open-sourced tool with a “choose your own adventure” format. And because of the new digital interface, we are, for the first time ever, able to include ALL of the sites! 

Map showing the locations of the eight haunted tour stops.

1. Beaumont Tower

2. Sleepy Hollow

3. Saints’ Rest

4. 1900 Class Fountain

5. Morrill Hall

6. Mary Mayo Hall

7. Beal Garden

8. MSU Museum 

To navigate our Twine Tour, click on each site to first learn a bit about its history as a part of MSU’s campus. Then choose to either learn more about the archaeology of that site – all excavated by CAP – or learn more about the chilling stories that have been passed down throughout the years! But that’s not all! As you scroll through our Twine, click on any word that is colored orange – each of these words will lead you to new pages with more information on the particulars of that site, related buildings, archaeological terms, and much more! 

It may be easy to get lost, but never fear – scroll to the bottom of each page to find links to each of the eight sites to start all over again! And as you visit more and more pages, blue words will indicate pages that you have already visited so you won’t lose track.

This short video illustrates how to navigate the Virtual Tour Twine. Notice that any word in orange is a link you can click and all site links are listed at the bottom of each page.

We hope you enjoy our tour as much as we did making it! Click here to start our Tour

Even with our new Haunted Tour Twine, we wouldn’t feel complete without an opportunity to engage with all of you! Therefore, we will be hosting a Haunted Tour Facebook Live Question and Answer Session on October 28 so we can answer any questions you might have about the Haunted Tour Twine sites.

To submit questions for the Q&A, fill out this form created by the MSU Alumni Office, comment on this blog post or send a message to our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts! We will be checking these sites regularly and will compile them all for our event at the end of the month. We are looking forward to your questions and seeing you live!

Although, this may not be the fall 2020 semester we expected, we are terribly excited to release our Haunted Campus Tour Twine and cannot wait to see you all at our Facebook Live Q&A event on October 28th!!

This page was originally presented as a blog post written by CAP Fellow Rhian Dunn on October 1st, 2020. It has been made a separate page for visibility and ease of access.