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The Unexpected


After three weeks into the course I have learned many new concepts. Testing elevation has been the hardest for several reasons. First, while testing the sod layer, we used one method involving measuring the depth with a ruler. Later, we used the line level to test the rest of our elevation. I think that confused me and our measurements because of… Read more »

Lessons From my First Archaeology Field School


This is my first Archaeological field school. I came in not knowing what to expect but have enjoyed the first couple of days so far. However, I have found some struggles. The difficult part was getting our location and square together. Since our coordinates were wrong we had to redo measure the square again. It made us behind the other… Read more »

Pa Vang Intro


Hello everyone! My name is Pa Vang. I started MSU with a Human Biology major, later on changed it to Biosystem Engineering, and is now an Anthropology major. I am excited about this course because it is a change of teaching methods than the ordinary lectures. I hope to find more hands on methods and be in an interactive environment… Read more »