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Butterflies and Gendered Artifacts – Concluding Field School 2015


As the field school comes to an end, I will share with you another one of my favorite artifacts that we have found in Unit B. Although we have found 2 intact vials in our unit, and several pieces of ceramic with just the makers mark, another cool artifact that we have found in our unit is a metal clasp… Read more »

Reflecting on the final weeks of Campus Archaeology Program


So, this week is now my final one working with Campus Archaeology Program at Michigan State University, and we are now in the stage where we need to focus on being able to dig to further. On Monday, we were able to finish working on Unit A’s Level 4 (at least for doing final trowel). Later that day, it rained… Read more »

Makers Marks

2015-06-09 13.31.52

A wonderful resource in identifying an object is the makers mark. Today we call such things logos, since it is used from production items to corporations. The makers mark tells us who made an object, where the object was made, and can even tell us when the object was made (if a form of dating is present, or the mark… Read more »

Another exciting week of Archaeology at MSU

2015-06-10 12.48.34

This past week, from June 15th to June 19th, was quite eventful. On Monday, Dr. Goldstain had a personal trainer teach all of us some interesting exercises that would help us to strengthen our back muscles, as well as our shoulders, which will make excavation a whole lot easier. For example, we did a variety of lunges as well as… Read more »