Website up and running…

The Campus Archaeology Program Website is finally up and running. The website serves a variety of important tasks. First, we hope to provide a space where the public can keep themselves up-to-date about our current projects, and become engaged in our research. Opportunities will exist at the CAPBlog for people to make comments regarding what research we are engaged in, where we are digging, and find out what sorts of outreach we are taking part in. Second, members of the MSU Physical Plant and Campus Planning will be able to see what types of work has been done on campus, to get an idea as to how involved CAP will be in the various projects around campus. Third, this will be a space for those interested in being a part of CAP to apply to become an intern

Also, feel free to peruse our picture gallery at flickr, or to follow Terry, the Campus Archaeologist, at Twitter, where he will be giving status updates from the field!

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