Meet the CAP Interns and Volunteers

You’ve already meet the CAP fellows, now meet our awesome interns and volunteers.

Alissa Lyon: Howdy! I’m Alissa Lyon, undergraduate senior majoring in both Anthropology and French and minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies. Currently I’m working as an intern for the Campus Archaeology Program after having completed its field school this past summer. My blog posts about it can be found here ( Being afforded this internship in order to expand my archaeological experience is extremely exciting for me. I want to eventually go to graduate school, but as I have yet to decide what I would like to study that won’t be for a while. I have an interest in prehistoric or pre-contact civilizations, though which one is hard to say as they’re all so interesting. (I suppose that’s the complaint of all anthropologists—they just have too many interests!) I do love Ancient Egypt in particular, and during my class on the matter I blogged ( and wrote an entry about Abu Roash ( on the Digital Atlas of Egyptian Archaeology (

I am also serving on the Undergraduate Anthropology Club executive board this year and like to participate in French Club events as well. Got to keep busy somehow!

Jasmine Smith: Hi Everyone! My name is Jasmine Smith. I am majoring in Anthropology and minoring in museum studies here at MSU. This summer I participated in the Campus Archaeology Program Field School that took place on campus behind the Hannah Admin building. This allowed me to learn a lot about MSU’s history that I probably wouldn’t have known otherwise. This semester I will continue working with Campus Archaeology as an intern. I look forward to gaining hands-on experience with archaeology while learning more about MSU’s history. Go Green!

Pa Vang: My name is Pa Vang. I am a fourth year student studying Anthropology. I came to MSU in 2012 with a major and mindset in Human Biology/Pre-Med hoping to attend medical school. However, after learning more about my interest I switched to Biosystem Engineering but then finally settled down with an interest in Anthropology. Never would I have imagined Anthropology as a major. What drawn me to it was the ability to learn about people, the past, and the different disciplines I was going to be able to study in one major. What I am interested in learning while in CAP is the history of MSU and the different techniques in becoming a successful researcher.

Becca Albert: Hello! My name is Becca Albert and I am a volunteer for this year for the CAP program. I am a second year student here at MSU, dual majoring in anthropology and plant biology. My interests include dietary reconstructions, archaeobotany (especially microbotanicals), public archaeology, and urban archaeology and anthropology. I am currently a professorial assistant for Dr. Lovis, researching the plant diet of a middle woodland population in the Upper Peninsula. This summer I participated in the Campus Archaeology field school, helping to excavate the admin site. This year I hope to get more experience working in the lab and making conclusions about the artifacts we found this summer. I am excited to continue on with Campus Archaeology to help discover, organize, and research MSU’s rich history below the ground.

Hunter Thane: Hello, my name is Hunter Thane. I am currently in my fourth and final year as an Anthropology major. I am interested in working in the CAP lab so I can take a closer look at some of the artifacts that I helped to unearth this summer in the CAP field school.

Kristin Dossier: Hi there! My name is Kristin Doshier and this is my last year at MSU. I am majoring in Anthropology and hope to study bio archaeology in grad school. I decided to attend the MSU campus archaeology field school over the summer which was very interesting, educational, and of course fun. The field school taught me many valuable skills and helped me decide what to focus on in my future. I’m also working towards earning a minor in museum studies. I have had the opportunity to work with museums in multiple aspects including collections and have been lucky enough to work with artifacts and even put together a student curated exhibition. I am very glad that I get to continue working with CAP this semester because it’s a great way for students to learn and get hands on experience. I’m hoping to get more experience and improve my research skills by working in the lab.

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