The Summer Intern, and his blog

One of the most important elements of the Campus Archaeology Program is our undergraduate internship. CAP has had an undergraduate student working with us since last spring, and only developed the position into an internship starting this spring, when Beth Velliky took the position. The Internship provides a unique opportunity for undergraduates to gain experience working in archaeology, researching a special topic, and gaining course credit while they’re at it.

Our intern this summer is Dan Tooman. Dan is a rising senior in the Anthropology Department, and has had a casual interest in archaeology and the past for a while now. He started off in the Landscape Architecture program, but recently decided to follow his true passion, archaeology. We are looking forward to working with him this summer. He will be blogging about his experience at a new blog, called “Diggin’ It”.

The idea for an Intern blog stemmed from CAP’s deep love for Digital Social Media and the journal requirement to gain course credit through the College of Social Science. It will provide the Intern with both the ability to reflect on what he is learning, but also to engage with the public, an important element of being an archaeologist. We want to encourage you to post comments asking questions about what methods he is using and the special project he is working on. This is all part of his learning process as he becomes a better archaeologist.

After Dan’s tenure is complete, this blog will be picked up by the new interns in the fall, who will continue to blog about their experiences. This will allow us to keep a running log of the experiences shared by the Campus Archaeology Program interns.

Author: Terry Brock

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