Digital Cultural Heritage

Capturing Campus Cuisine

This project uses food remains excavated from a historic privy at Michigan State University (MSU) to explore and recreate the food environment of the campus during its Early Period (1855-1870). Archaeological analysis and archival research were used together to investigate historic food production, acquisition, processing/preparation, and consumption, culminating in the recreation of a meal that may have been served on campus in the 1860s.

Capturing Campus Cuisine StoryMap

Screen capture of the Capturing Campus Cuisine StoryMap featuring the 'Fishing' on campus page. Shows an overview map of the stops on the virtual tour on the left, and an image of a canoe on the Red Cedar River and information about fishing on the right.

Explore the early food environment of campus through an interactive story map! This was created based on research conducted by Susan Kooiman and Autumn Painter for their Capturing Campus Cuisine project.

Campus as Laboratory: An Oral History of the Campus Archaeology Program

By the time Professor Lynne Goldstein retired from MSU’s Department of Anthropology in 2018, she had gathered twenty-two years’ worth of stories and experience. Among those stories are the origins and development of the Campus Archaeology Program (CAP), an initiative she founded in 2007 and directed until 2018. Campus as Laboratory: An Oral History of MSU’s Campus Archaeology Program documents institutional knowledge at MSU. It is a joint public archaeology project of researchers in CAP and the Lab for Education and Advancement in Digital Research (LEADR).

Tour of MSU’s Historic Faculty Row

Explore an interactive StoryMap that shares the history of the neighborhood that served as a home for the permanent faculty and staff, before the development of East Lansing. While it was a home for faculty, Faculty Row was also a central hub of activity on the early campus, as there were few other diversions for students in those days.

Tour of MSU’s Historic Laboratories

Explore an interactive StoryMap that takes you through the historic laboratories of MSU. This StoryMap acts as a virtual tour and allows you to click through the different laboratory spaces and see where they are located on a map of today’s MSU campus! We hope this provides you with a better idea of where these laboratories were located in comparison to one another and how the campus expanded over time.

Campus Archaeology Twine Tour

This is an interactive, “choose your own adventure” digital walking-tour of important historical and archaeological sites on the Michigan State University Campus. It allows users to investigate different places based on their interests, and can always restart the game to take a different path.

On this walking tour, you will visit many of the important sites on campus. There are many paths you can take, extending your tour or just covering the highlights of the historic campus. The Campus Archaeology Program has dug beneath the surface to investigate many of these sites.

Campus Archaeology Activity Book



The Campus Archaeology Program has begun digitizing artifacts uncovered from campus to serve as educational tools and a new way to bring archaeology and MSU’s history to the public. Below is a sample of our models. You can visit our Sketchfab account to view the full collection