Digital Cultural Heritage

Capturing Campus Cuisine

This project uses food remains excavated from a historic privy at Michigan State University (MSU) to explore and recreate the food environment of the campus during its Early Period (1855-1870). Archaeological analysis and archival research were used together to investigate historic food production, acquisition, processing/preparation, and consumption, culminating in the recreation of a meal that may have been served on campus in the 1860s.

Campus Archaeology Twine Tour

This is an interactive, “choose your own adventure” digital walking-tour of important historical and archaeological sites on the Michigan State University Campus. It allows users to investigate different places based on their interests, and can always restart the game to take a different path.

On this walking tour, you will visit many of the important sites on campus. There are many paths you can take, extending your tour or just covering the highlights of the historic campus. The Campus Archaeology Program has dug beneath the surface to investigate many of these sites.


The Campus Archaeology Program has begun digitizing artifacts uncovered from campus to serve as educational tools and a new way to bring archaeology and MSU’s history to the public. Below is a sample of our models. You can visit our Sketchfab account to view the full collection