2022 Field School Students

My name is Celeste Adaway and I am a graduating senior at Northern Michigan University out in Marquette. I am a first-generation student majoring in Anthropology with a minor in Criminal Justice. I hope to be able to go into a forensics career after I receive my degree in August. I love to be outdoors and have a newfound interest in photography which I hope to be a beneficial supportive hobby in my career. I am excited to learn and apply the archaeological field methods and techniques this summer here close to my home!

My name is Lilly Ebarra and I graduated from University of Michigan-Flint in 2021. I have my bachelor degree in Anthropology and a minor in Historical Preservation. Anthropology was not my first choice in majors; it was actually my sixth major. I am interested in studying Prehistory and Historical Archaeology. I did an Internship where I worked in a cemetery in Flint Michigan Preserving and fixing the headstones and I found that doing that kind of work is something that I would like to pursue. I have been looking at Graduate schools for Historical Preservation with maybe a concentration in archaeology. I would like to someday end up working with the State Historical Preservation society or working at a Museum. I am also interested in doing restoration work or working with preserving artifacts. 

Hello, my name is Rachel Sher and I will be entering my junior year this coming fall semester at Michigan State. I’m currently working on my Bachelor of Science Anthropology degree with a minor in Quantitative Data Analytics. When I learned about the MSU field school I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity pass. I’m excited to meet and work with the MSU Anthropology community, and hopefully to form some friendships within my field. I’m eager to expand my knowledge past the classroom and to gain some hands-on experience in the field of Anthropology. Through my courses I’ve learned about the technology and strategies used in archaeology, but I’m excited for the opportunity to gain some first-hand knowledge through this field school. I plan to take advantage of this opportunity to help my university and my community, as well as to expand my knowledge. I’m excited to work with all of you! 

My name is Kinsey Skjold (she/her/hers) and I am a current first year student planning on studying Anthropology at Michigan State University. I am not yet sure what subfield within anthropology I plan on pursuing through my bachelor’s degree, but I have a lot of interest in archaeology and the applications of it. When I was younger, the Egyptian mummy exhibits were always the ones I was most interested in. I like the idea of studying the past, as well as the different facets of culture and how humans interact with each other and the environment. This field school is an exciting opportunity for me because I will be able to gain experience in archaeology and learn the actual processes of excavating and cataloging artifacts in the field. It will also be interesting to see how archaeology connects to community engagement as well as how it can be analyzed to show us what may have happened in the past.

I’m Kasey Smith (she/her), I am a junior at MSU this year and will be going into my final year the summer following this field school. I have lived in the Lansing area for my entire life and have always been interested in the field of archaeology. This year I finally decided to follow this passion and apply for the field school where I can learn more about the area that I have grown up in and learn about field techniques as well.  I am super excited to get to know more people that are interested in the same topics as me and to collaborate with them during this program. As an anthropology major, I wanted to join the Campus Archaeology Program to better develop my skills and knowledge relating to hands-on concepts in archaeology. I am looking forward to being able to work outside around campus this summer and be a part of this exciting learning opportunity.

Andrew Tallman: I am a junior going on senior anthropology major and history minor at Central Michigan University. I am attending Michigan State University as a guest student in summer 2022 for its archaeological field school. I am from the small town of Cheboygan in Northern Michigan. I have always had a love of history, and being close to Fort Michilimackinac in Mackinaw City sparked my interest in archaeology. I am also a member of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, and want to have a career in pre Colombian and colonial era archaeology.

I am Alison Weber, and I am a fourth-year student at Michigan State University. I am an Anthropology with minors in Quantitative Data Analytics & Race and Ethnicity in the United States. My primary interest lays within Forensic Anthropology and Bioarchaeology but I became very interested in public outreach and historical archaeology after taking classes with Dr. Camp during my time at MSU. I am incredibly excited to work with the Campus Archaeology program this summer and am grateful for this opportunity to become a more well-rounded anthropologist.

My name is Levi Webb and I am a rising Junior here at Michigan State. I have dual majors in astrophysics and anthropology, and am looking to pursue graduate degrees in both fields. I’m interested in doing astrophysical research, likely on exoplanets or extragalactic stars, and currently do research with the MSU Astronomical Observatory. I’m not sure yet where I want to go in anthropology, so I’m exploring archaeology through this field school and taking classes throughout the remainder of 2022 in forensic, linguistic, and cultural anthropology. I anticipate that I’ll go into either cultural anthropology or archaeology, with a definite interest in linguistics and the study of foreign languages.

Hello! My name is Izzy Wikle I am a recent graduate from MSU in Anthropology and History. While I was at MSU some of my favorite things I studied included heritage and museum studies, the history of the Renaissance and the Middle Ages, and religious history. I am taking the MSU Campus Archaeology Fieldschool to further my education in archaeology and help me pursue work in cultural resource management. Some fun facts about me are that I have three cats, I have been fencing since high school, and I am teaching myself embroidery!