Campus Archaeology Program Director

Lynne Goldstein

Dr. Lynne GoldsteinLynne Goldstein is a Professor of Anthropology at MSU, where she has been since 1996, and the creator of the Campus Archaeology Program. She recently completed her term as Chairperson of the Department of Anthropology in 2006 and as the editor of American Antiquity, the journal published by the Society for American Archaeology. Currently, she teaches a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses, and serves as the Adjunct Curator of Anthropology at the MSU Museum. Lynne previously worked at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and much of her research focuses on Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region, particularly on mortuary analysis. She earned her PhD from Northwestern University in 1976. Visit her anthropology profile here, and follow her on Twitter.

Stacey Camp

Dr. Stacey Camp

Dr. Stacey Camp

Stacey Camp is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at MSU. Stacey just joined the MSU faculty, having spent the prior 9 years as a faculty members at the University of Idaho. For close to four years she also served as director of one of three state repositories in Idaho.  Her research takes a comparative approach to understanding the lives of migrants inhabiting the late 19th and early 20th century Western United States. Stacey’s first large-scale public archaeology project examined the lives and archaeology of Mexican migrant laborers and their families, which I blogged about on a now defunct website. Her latest project looks at the archaeology of Japanese American prisoners incarcerated in a World War II internment camp, and has likewise been documented on the web. Stacey will take over as director of CAP in May 2018.

Campus Archaeologist

Lisa Bright

Lisa Bright

Lisa Bright: Lisa is a 4th year Anthropology Ph.D. student.  This year Lisa will continue as Campus Archaeologist for her third, and final year.  Her dissertation research focuses on focuses on the paleopathology and nutritional status of a historic paupers cemetery in San Jose, California. This year Lisa will be working with other fellows on their projects, supervising three undergraduate internships, and working to complete reports and process artifacts from this summer.


Campus Archaeology Graduate Researchers

Susan Kooiman: Susan is a 5th year Anthropology Ph.D. student, returning for her third year as a CAP fellow. Her dissertation research focuses on pottery use, cooking practices, and diet of precontact Indigenous groups in the Upper Great Lakes of North America. This year, she and Autumn Beyer will be continuing their project documenting foodways on campus during the Early Period (1855-1870) of MSU’s history. This includes expanding their research and disseminating the results of the project through publication, conference presentations, and other outreach opportunities.

Jeff Painter: Jeff is a fourth year Ph.D. student at Michigan State University who is returning for his second year as a Campus Archaeology Fellow. He is a prehistoric archaeologist focused on foodways, ceramics, and migration in the late prehistoric Midwest. For CAP, he continues his focus on foodways and ceramics, investigating the diversity of dining patterns through time on MSU’s historic campus.

Autumn Painter: Autumn is a third year Ph.D. student in the Department of Anthropology. Her research focuses on prehistoric foodways through the analysis of animal bones in the Midwestern United States. This is her second year as a CAP fellow, and she and Susan Kooiman will be continue to work together on their project researching food on MSU’s historic campus.

Mari Isa: Mari is a fourth year Ph.D. student in Anthropology. For her dissertation research, she studies the biological and biomechanical factors that contribute to bone fractures. Her other research interests include the potential social and biological impacts of malaria in Late Roman/Early Medieval Tuscany. Mari is returning for her second year as a CAP fellow. This year she is excited to be working on various projects including creating new digital media for msu.seum to highlight recent projects by CAP fellows and interns on topics such as sustainability, foodways, and gender.

Jack Biggs: Jack is a fourth year Ph.D. student in the Department of Anthropology with a focus in bioarchaeology of the ancient Maya of Mesoamerica.  Specifically, he is interested in human growth and development and how infants, children, and adolescents interacted within society and how social constructions of age affected their experience of the physical and social world around them.  He conducted some summer field work for CAP in 2016 putting in test units at various locations across campus, including Station Terrace and Beal’s Laboratory.  This is his first year as a full CAP fellow and is very excited to be a part of the team.


Campus Archaeology Program Interns 2017

Kaleigh Perry

Desiree Quinn

Cooper Duda

Previous CAP Interns

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Jasmine Smith (2015-2017)

Alissa Lyon (2015-2016)

Kristen Doshier (2015-2016)

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Caroline Dunham (2014)

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Circe Wilson (2012)

Eve Avdoulous (2011-2012)

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