2024 Field School Students

Hank Leversedge

My name is Hank Leversedge (He/Him) and I am a senior at Michigan State University. I am majoring in Anthropology with a minor in Peace and Justice Studies. I have always been very interested in Archaeology and this field school seems like a great way to learn more about it and gain experience. I also have a particular interest in Historical Archaeology, so the Observatory is a perfect fit for me and I’m excited to see how MSU has changed over time.

Jordan Lilly

My name is Jordan Lilly and I am a senior at Michigan State University. My major is in Anthropology and my minor is in Digital Cultural Heritage and History. I have lived in the Lansing area my whole life and am very glad to have the opportunity to participate in a field school in my home city! I would love to pursue a career at the State Historical Preservation Office or somewhere else that I can apply my education to lab curation, working to preserve and catalog archaeological materials. I have participated in an archaeological internship before, assisting one of Dr. Gabriel Sanchez’s grad student projects by helping to clean, catalog, and identify animal remains. I am excited to get to know the local anthropology community better and to gain hands-on experience in the practice of field archaeology. Preferred pronouns: She/Her

Lilly MacInnis 

My name is Lilly MacInnis (she/her), and I am heading into my senior year at Michigan State University. I am working towards a bachelors of art in anthropology with a minor in law, justice and public policy. Archaeology has been a lifelong interest of mine, and my interest has only grown in the archaeology class I have completed at MSU. During this field school I am excited to gain a better understanding of the discipline and learn valuable skills.

Paige Topping

My name is Paige Topping and I am a first-year student at Michigan State. I am studying to get a
Bachelors of Science in Anthropology with minors in Peace & Justice as well as Entomology. I
would like to go into Forensic Anthropology and become a Forensic Anthropologist or Forensic
Entomologist. I have always been interested in archaeology as a whole and the behind the scenes
work and so this program felt right up my alley! I am extremely excited to immerse myself in the
world of archaeology. A fun fact about me is that I play bass guitar and volunteer at the college
radio station, Impact 88.9!

Reece Walker

My name is Reece Walker (she/her). Following this summer’s field school I will enter my final year at MSU. My passion lies in prehistoric archaeology and human migration, and I am eager to gain hands-on experience in excavation and artifact preservation. Currently I’m open to new experiences and I’m hoping this summer’s field school can help me broaden my experiences and solidify my career interests.

Elliott Wheeler

My name is Elliott Wheeler (any pronouns) and I’m a sophomore of anthropology currently at Lansing Community College. My main passions usually lie in linguistics & ethnology, which I’ve studied informally for many years, but I’ve recently been focusing my formal studies on archaeology like lots of others in my family have gone into. My current plans for the future are to follow in their footsteps and go into CRM work, but I’m still keeping it open and would love the chances for linguistic and/or ethnographic field work if they pop up. Overall I think this field school is a fantastic opportunity to get more acquainted with historic-period American archaeology and look forward to getting my hands dirty with it.

Madison Brown

My name is Madison Brown and I am a senior at MSU, coming from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I am an anthropology major, focusing in archaeology with a minor in digital cultural heritage and history. I am participating in this field school to gain more hands-on experience in historical archaeology. 

Olivia Cardinell

My name is Olivia Cardinell, I’m 20 years old, and a junior at Michigan State University.