CAP Survey: Sacred Space

On April 12th to 13th, Campus Archaeology is going to be doing an archaeological survey within the Sacred Space. We will be digging East of Cowles House and the Music Practice building, and West of Beaumont Tower. As many of you know, there is extensive work going on as part of the West Circle Steam Tunnel reconstruction project. This includes re-doing a large portion of the roads and digging up parts of the green space within the road. One part of this project calls for construction of an access road from the Southern portion of West Circle Drive up to the road to Cowles House. We are going to be surveying this area to make sure that this temporary road won’t disturb any archaeological material. We will be excavating today from 1 to 4pm and possibly tomorrow also if the survey isn’t completed. Come say hi and visit us!

Author: Katy Meyers Emery

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