Under MSU’s Sidewalks

You may have noticed driving around the newly replaced West Circle Drive that they are beginning to pull up and replace the sidewalks around Linton Hall. Sidewalk removal is a wonderful opportunity for archaeology. Unlike roads which are deeply excavated, sidewalk construction is a shallow job that doesn’t disturb too much of the ground beneath it. Further, anything that is beneath the ground is protected by the sidewalk from further damage or compaction. When sidewalks need to be replaced, this protective concrete layer is removed, the area is leveled out and then a new sidewalk is put in place.

Starting this Wednesday and running into next week, Campus Archaeology is going to be excavating underneath the sidewalks between Linton Hall and the MSU Museum. As the sidewalks are removed, we will follow the construction teams and put in some shovel test pits to see if there is anything historic or prehistoric there. When we are done, the construction team will come in behind us and put in the new sidewalk.

Come out and visit us September 5th and 6th in the afternoons between Linton Hall and the MSU Museum, and the next week near Beaumont Tower.

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