College Hall Revisited

The foundation of College Hall. Photo courtesy of University Relations.
The foundation of College Hall. Photo courtesy of University Relations.

A couple weeks ago, the Campus Archaeology Program discovered the northeast foundation of College Hall, the first building built on MSU’s campus. Next week, on Thursday the 22nd and Friday the 23rd, the Campus Archaeology Program will return to the site to see just how much more work can be done.

This excavation is called a Phase II Project. The purpose is to further investigate an archaeological site to determine if a full scale excavation (Phase III) project is necessary. This will be done by selecting two areas for excavation units to be put in. These units will help us determine how much of the building is still remaining, and what types of artifacts may still be left inside the structure. After we complete a Phase II, we will be able to determine if a Phase III project might be possible. Such a project may be a field school this coming summer for undergraduate students to take part in learning how archaeology is performed. However, this cannot be determined without doing excavations next week.

Please feel free to stop by, see what we are finding, and to ask questions about this historic space. As always, you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and see what we are finding as we find it!

Author: Terry Brock

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