Happy Digital Learning Day!

Digital Learning Day Logo, via DLD Website
Digital Learning Day Logo, via DLD Website

Digital Learning Day was started by the Alliance for Learning, in partnership with the National Writing Project to celebrate innovative teaching practices that teach digital skills to students in order to improve their opportunities in the future. Digital learning consists of any instruction that uses technology to strengthen learning. Campus Archaeology has always been committed to using digital tools as a way to reach the public and explore the past. Students work with Geographic Information Systems to do spatial analyses, OMEKA to create online museum exhibits, and social media to share their work to the public.

Last year for Digital Learning Day, we hosted a workshop to teach social media and digital identity skills to students and faculty within MSU’s Department of Anthropology. The event was a major success, and many students came away with a new found knowledge of how to use digital tools to improve their networking, research, and teaching.

We decided to follow up last year’s event with a more informal brown bag discussion and hack session. Today, on Digital Learning Day 2014, a group of Anthropology students got together to review digital identity management, update their social media profiles, learn new technologies that appeared within the last year, and help each other develop their digital skills. At the event we reviewed the basic principles of maintaining a digital identity, answered some questions regarding use and best practices for employing different tech tools for research, and updated our online profiles. It was a very successful event with great discussions.

Campus Archaeology had another very successful Digital Learning Day, and we are looking forward to next year!

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