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The past couple of weeks have been busy for the Campus Archaeology Program, and there is little sign of it slowing down. The Red Cedar River Survey took up much of the past two weeks, and in spots yielded no results. However, we did come across many positive test pits along Beal Street, near the Kalamazoo Bridge.

In situ Wycoff Pipe

Results included primarily building materials such as brick and nails, including one cut nail, along with occasional pieces of ceramic. These artifacts were at a consistent depth, indicating a consistent cultural layer. We also found what is possibly the rings for a discarded Wyckoff Water Pipe, which you can learn more about at our online exhibit for Faculty Row. Over the next week, we will be doing more archaeology in this area to better understand what may have occurred in this area. (Visit our Beal Street Flickr Gallery for more photos).

Author: Terry Brock

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