The Haunted History of MSU: A Historical and Paranormal Tour of Campus

Beaumont Tower under the full moon, photo courtesy Derrick L. Turner,
Beaumont Tower under the full moon, photo courtesy Derrick L. Turner,

This Halloween season, for the first time ever, Campus Archaeology is teaming up with the MSU Paranormal Society to offer a haunted historical tour of campus for those who have always been intrigued by stories of MSU’s haunted past. If you have ever heard stories about satanic rites in Mary Mayo Hall, disembodied screams in the Beal Botanical Gardens, or a disturbing aura surrounding the Red Cedar River at night, then this tour is for you!

The date and time will be announced at a later date, but keep your mid-October schedule open for a night of history and haunts. Members from both CAP and the Paranormal Society will guide tourists around campus with CAP detailing the history of supposedly haunted buildings and the Paranormal Society sharing the tales, sightings, and experiences that have been perpetuated throughout MSU’s history.

For those of you who have not read it yet, Katy Meyers’ blog post from October 2012 ( offers a great introduction to some of campus’ most famous haunts.

The MSU Paranormal Society has conducted several investigations of buildings on campus including Mary Mayo Hall, Morrill Hall, and Beaumont Tower. They have also teamed up with UAB on several occasions to engage the student body with paranormal investigations and MSU’s haunted past. Events like ParaMorrill Activity (2011) and Ghosts of Spartans Past (2013) drew hundreds of students curious about paranormal occurrences on campus.

MSU Paranormal Society
MSU Paranormal Society

Here’s a sample of what you might experience on the tour (I won’t give too much away!):

Mary Mayo Hall – The famous ghost of Mary Mayo supposedly haunts this dormitory, although she died before even stepping foot in the building named after her.

Yakeley-Gilchrist Hall – Police officers and a student in 1995 witnessed the student’s door rattle in its frame for five minutes as loud pounding was heard.

Steam Tunnels – “Tunneling” was once a popular past time for students, many of whom reported strange sightings down in the tunnels.

Beal Botanical Gardens – Disembodied screams have been heard coming from the garden and apparitions have been spotted here.

Morrill Hall – Professors have reported seeing apparitions of past professors visiting their offices.

…. And more spooky tales of MSU’s haunted past!

Stay posted for more updates about the tour.


Author: Josh Schnell

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