On November 24th, Turkey’s president Erdogan declared that women are not equal to men. However, the specific statement that rung across the archaeological community was “You cannot tell them [women] to go out and dig the soil. This is against their delicate nature”. Archaeologists, both male and female, responded on Twitter almost immediately, starting the #womendigging trend. Many, including CAP members, posted photographs of themselves in action.


Although the trend has slowed down, people are still posting #womendigging photos, and CAP is proud to continue the trend. So now we’re proud to present a few images from women digging through CAP history:

More mapping

2008- Jane W. and Jen B. map a different wall at Faculty Row.


2009 – Erica digs the first Shovel Test Pit




2011 –


2012 –

Saints Rest Rescue 2

2013 – Saints Rest Rescue 2, Trench 1, cleaning plaster floor off

Old Vet Lab Excavation

2014 – Old Vet Lab Excavation: Led by Kate, Team includes Adrianne, Katy, Josh and Ian


Author: Lisa Bright

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