Introducing our CAP Undergraduate Interns

Introducing our CAP Undergraduate Interns

This year we have two undergraduate interns working in the Campus Archaeology Program lab. These two students both attended the summer 2019 archaeological field school. Below you can read a little more about them!

Reid Ellefson-Frank is an undergraduate student at MSU working towards a degree in archaeology. He grew up visiting Lynne Goldstein’s field schools and public outreach archaeology events. A decade later he finds himself inside the Campus Archaeology Program that ran the events he enjoyed as a child. He is primarily interested in the archaeology of the destruction of buildings, both on the boarder between Wales and England, and in Eastern Europe in Jewish villages that experienced pogroms. He is accompanied by his service dog Llywelyn, who remains constantly disappointed that he is not allowed to chew on any of the bones found during excavation or being catalogued in the lab.

Woman holding trowel while kneeling in archaeological excavated unit.

Alexis (Lexi) Cupp is a fourth-year undergraduate student in the Department of Anthropology with a minor in environmental health and environmental sustainability studies. In the summer of 2019, she partook in the Campus Archaeology Field school where she developed an interest in Archaeology and the history of Michigan State’s campus. This is her first year participating in the Campus Archaeology internship program. She looks forward to engaging with the public through the haunted tour of MSU and is excited to showcase her research at various symposiums. She enjoys learning about history and hopes to incorporate her knowledge of the environment and society to examine the relationships between humans and their environment spatiotemporally.

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