Faculty Bricks


On July 5, 2011, demolition began at the Faculty Bricks site on campus. The buildings which once stood on the corner of Shaw and Birch have now been completely razed, leaving only dirt markers of their foundations. Over the years the Faculty Apartments have housed countless numbers of students, staff and faculty. Recently the repairs have become too expensive to make upkeep of the buildings financial effective. In April 2010, plans for their demolition began.

The Faculty Apartments were built in 1948 in a Georgian Revival Style. The buildings were constructed to be dormitories, and included semi-enclosed spaces for playgrounds and recreational activities. Many faculty members lived in these apartments during the 1950’s and 1960’s, and were commonly referred to as “the Bricks”. The buildings were each named after male alumnus who died during World War II, including:

Joseph T. Bale III (1946), H. Thane Bauman (1943), Edwin B. Crowe (1940), Royce A. Drake (1927), Carol N. Frang (1943), Robert  L. French (1944), Arthur J. Howland (1941), Robert Parker (1943), Joseph A. Pelton (1936), William T. Rafferty (1940) and Arthur K. Ungren (1932)

Plaques of each of the buildings, as well as the original names and numbers were removed and taken to Demonstration Hall so that their memory can be preserved. Further, all of the memorial trees planted around the buildings were protected from construction and will remain in the space. A historical marker will be put on the site once the demolition is complete.

For more information on the Faculty Bricks and Cherry Lane Demolition project, visit: http://construction.msu.edu/index.cfm/projects/cherry-lane-and-faculty-bricks-apartments-demolition/

[Image from MSU Residential and Hospitality Services]

Author: Katy Meyers Emery

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