8227281264_93eb4e062a_kWelcome to the MSU Campus Archaeology Field School Website!  This site is dedicated to the education of our students and our community about archaeology, history and culture on Michigan State University’s campus.  The field school is just one way in which we at the Campus Archaeology Program seek to engage the public in the history of MSU, and to become involved in the surrounding communities.  The Campus Archaeology Program is important to the stewardship of this historic university, and provides a means of enjoyment and enlightenment of future generations of MSU and East Lansing community members.

The Field School

A Field School is the primary way for archaeology students to gain training in archaeological field methods. It is typically required as a prerequisite for any position doing archaeology, and is typically expected for archaeologists entering graduate school.

The 2011 field school will be held from May 31 – July 1, on the historic campus of Michigan State University. Students will gain experience in field methods, archaeological survey, and laboratory methods. Additionally, students will be expected to work with the public by providing site tours and posting regularly to the field school blog about what they are learning. Members of the MSU community are encouraged to visit the archaeological site, ask questions on the blog, and interact with our students.

This field school is put on by the MSU Campus Archaeology Program, a part of the MSU Department of Anthropology. This program works to protect MSU’s cultural heritage through community engagement, education, and research, and works closely with MSU Physical Plant to ensure that MSU’s cultural past is protected. You can learn more about Campus Archaeology at our website.

How to use this Webpage

For the Public

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For Students

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