Archaeological Institute of America Outreach Contest

The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) has launched a contest to find excavations that include outreach, engagement and community involvement in as part of their work. They state that “The AIA is dedicated to promoting archaeology to the wider public. Our commitment to public outreach is evident in the hundreds of public events we organize each year including lectures, archaeology fairs, the Annual Meeting, and the emphasis of the Site Preservation Program”. The competition is a way to showcase the work of organizations who also espouse this same mission.

From the beginning, Campus Archaeology from the has been dedicated to outreach and engagement, both with the campus and wider community. We are constantly sharing out work and reaching out through social media sites like our blog, through Twitter, Flickr, FourSquare and more. We educate a range of generations on archaeological work on campus, by speaking at the local museums, discussing our work in classes for MSU students, and participating in Grandparent’s University day on campus. The past two summers we have run field schools where students can try first hand to excavate a site without having to leave campus, and we interacted with the public every day during these digs. Campus Archaeology is committed to outreach, and is an exemplar of public archaeology.

We are nominated for the AIA’s excavation outreach contest. You can support Campus Archaeology by voting for us daily from February 1-7 at Just click on view submissions and vote, and then click the voting box next to our submission!

You can see our submission for the contest here: MSU Campus Archaeology Program submission

Show your support for Campus Archaeology and vote for us daily until February 7th!

Author: Katy Meyers Emery

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