Goodbye Morrill Hall

From June 3rd to 14th, Morrill Hall was being demolished. Slowly over the two weeks, the red bricks were removed and the levels of the building came down. They moved from the western wing through to the eastern, and the columns at the main entrance were left last. It is sad to see the building go, but there are a number of ways that we can remember the building.

Final days of Morrill Hall, via Katy Meyers
Final days of Morrill Hall, via Katy Meyers

1. Bricks: The MSU Surplus Store will be selling red bricks from exterior of the building. These will go on sale during the beginning of the fall semester, and check the surplus website to learn more!

2. Plaque: A memorial plaque like the one found near Saints’ Rest will be placed in the location where the building once stood. It will discuss the history of the building.

3. Garden: The main replacement for the building will be a garden. This memorial consists of a walkway that extends down the length of what once was Morill Hall’s central hallway, and will have a seating area where the main entryway used to be. The site restoration will be complete by September. MSU’s Infrastructure, Facilities and Planning recently leaked some images of the garden:

Screenshot of the forthcoming garden via MSU IPF
Screenshot of the forthcoming garden via MSU IPF

4. Renaming: In the Fall 2013 semester, Agriculture Hall will be changed to the Morrill Hall of Agriculture in order to continue having a building with that name.

For the rest of the summer, the demolition teams will be sorting bricks and material from the building’s remains. Feel free to stop by and watch the progress!


Author: Katy Meyers Emery

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  • My mother lived in Morrill Hall in the 1930s. Thank you for making a green space to remember campus history.

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