Site Reports

The Campus Archaeology Program spends the winter months doing a couple of things: getting ready for excavations in the spring and summer, and writing up reports for the projects that were completed over the previous year. These reports discuss what it was we found at a site, provides some basic site interpretation about what we think the objects are, and ties them into a larger picture of what happened at that site over time.

Each of these reports concludes with “Recommendations” section, which presents our interpretation of the cultural and historical value of the site, and how future development on that site should proceed in regards to the material record. Because of this, we also make sure that these reports are submitted to the Physical Plant.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be posting these reports in our Research section, where they are available to download. We want these to also be available to the public, so that you can see what work is being done, and how we go about establishing our conclusions. It is, after all, your past that we are examining!

Author: Terry Brock

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