The Campus Archaeology Program is committed to increasing the opportunities for undergraduate students to gain unique experiences in public archaeology, archaeological research, and archaeological methods. Each semester, an undergraduate student is selected to become the Campus Archaeology Intern. Among this students responsibilities are helping with lab work, excavations, and working on a research project of their own. The Intern is also expected to maintain a blog, in which they post about their experience and what they are discovering through their research project.

Current interns post monthly on the Campus Archaeology blog. You can read blog posts from past interns (2008-2010) on this blog: CAPInterns.

In order to become an intern, undergraduate students must complete an application and attend an interview with the Campus Archaeology staff. They are also expected to be in good academic standing and have attended an archaeological field school. Applications can be accessed at the link below.

Campus Archaeology Internship Application

Previous Campus Archaeology Interns


Bethany Slon: The Women’s Building 1900-1925: Look Into the Early Years of Morrill Hall

Dana Nyquist & Kaitlin Scharra: Discovering MSU’s Past: Functional Classification of Artifacts from Saints Rest


Eve Avdoulos: The Heart of MSU: Landscape Analysis of Campus

Paige Triezenberg: Digital Museum Comparing Artifacts and Archives

Billy Holt: Prehistory of MSU

Circe Willson: Economic Analysis of Ceramics from MSU’s 19th c. Campus


Alec Wells: Final Poster on Campus Archaeology GIS

Lindsey Wancour: Final Poster on Understanding Life Through Trash

Steph Cross: Final Poster on Making Archaeology Accessible

Theresa Koenigsknecht: Final Poster on Exploring the Evolution of Energy: History of MSU Energy Use

2010: Jamie Patrick Henry, Mike Millman

2009: Jennifer Allen, Jeff Gepper, David Lewandowski, Dan Tooman, Beth Vellikey

2008: Beth Pruitt, Nathan Sanders